Haoran XIE, Ph.D.

project Assistant Professor
User Interface Research Group
Department of Computer Science
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
The University of Tokyo

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Research Interests


Vision-based Robot Drawing

Robot arm control with computer vision.

Pattern-based Immersed Rigid Body Dynamics

Physical model with parameter subspaces from different motion patterns.
[MIG 2015][PPT]

Model Reduction of Dynamical Systems

A new reduction method using separated representation in contrast to Proper Orthogonal Decomposition.
[MEIS 2014]|[Mathematics-for-Industry 2015]

Stochastic Model of Immersed Rigid Body Dynamics

Kirchoff model of body dynamics with precomputation vortex dynamics in Langevin model.
[NICOInt 2013]|[SIGGRAPH Asia 2013]|[J. 2014]

Graph-based Immersed Rigid Body Dynamics

Motion synthesis of the rigid body motions in flow using motion graph.
[NICOInt 2011]|[SIGGRAPH Asia 2011]|[CGI 2012]|[TVC 2014]


(All of them are first-authored with peer-reviewed.)

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